Massage Therapy

 ●  My right shoulder has been increasingly painful, probably due to the intensive computer work I do in my job. Over the past several years, therapies I've used regularly included chiropractic adjustment, Grosten Technique, massage therapy, acupuncture and physical workouts with a trainer.  Despite it all, the pain levels in my shoulder increased and the mobility lessened.
Then several months ago, Beth Burke offered me a free session as part of her practicum in massage school training. She used techniques I had never before experienced on my shoulder...and her methods made an immediate difference in the shoulder pain and the mobility. I was delighted, needless to say. 
Now that Beth is licensed and in practice, I am a regular client. Her training has been excellent but more importantly, I believe that Beth has gifted healing hands. 
I recommend her work unconditionally.  
            -- Ann Buzenberg, employed by Duke Clinical Research Institute

●  I am so grateful for the pain relief and relaxation Beth imparts through her knowledgeable hands and compassionate heart.   
            --  Margaret Heath, licensed HeartMath® provider

●  I have loved my massage sessions with Beth.  While she was in school, she would address a different area each time we met.  Her touch was the best of any massage therapist I have ever experienced.  She came across as knowledgeable of the techniques and the processes she was using.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as a massage therapist.  
            --  Cynthia Hermans, real estate professional

●  Beth Burke listens deeply and responds specifically to what I need in a massage, each time finding imbalances and working to heal.  From the way the space is prepared to initial warm foot-bath in Epsom Salts through the actual massage, no matter how I had arrived, I always leave feeling whole, rejuvenated and cared for.   
            --  Jenny Bingham, educator: end-of-life issues

●  Beth has a wonderful energy that facilitates the flow of relaxation, comfort, and renewal. Receiving bodywork from Beth is like being handed a reset button for your life - it is a wonderful, day-altering experience.   
            --  Robin Serne, entrepreneur: mushroom farmer

●  As a professional, Beth has a pleasant personality. Her hands know intuitively where to find the right spots to treat: whether it is through deep tissue massage, or just a light touch. While working on you, there is a neat, soothing exchange between her hands and your body. And one can almost ‘listen in’ to what they are ‘saying’.  I can whole heartedly recommend Beth’s massage and bodywork.  
            --   Alma Harrewijn PT CLT-LANA

Serving local neighborhoods of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Cary, Durham and Raleigh, NC.